My most recent mixed media works of art date from my relocation to South Dakota from Florida in the summer of 2005. My home and studio are located on the banks of the Missouri River. This place provides my sanctuary, serving as a vehicle for meditation on the ebb and flow of time and the unfolding cycles of history. An awareness of the ephemeral realms of remembering and forgetting, loss and longing, and our individual and collective attempts to define ourselves drives my ongoing search for meaning through making. I find that my ways of knowing reveal themselves through the meditative slowness and the work of my hands. Internalized observations of the passing of days, the drama of the unseen, the meaning of stillness, and the witness of the objects that surround us become vehicles to voice the unsayable, expressions of lived experience for which there are never quite the right words.

My mixed media works on paper proceed from the inside out, building slowly over time in a process of mark making and layering that begins with random play. Through the continued movement of my hands, the meaning of the marks gradually becomes knowable and I begin to understand the work itself. Thoughtful decision making then unites with an intuitive kind of knowing, as the surface continues to build, creating layers of meaning that I hope serve as touchstones or cairns, markers to find our way forward and backward through time.